Products and Services

Services Offered

VitalPro cc provides a comprehensive electricity and water metering service. In essence we take over the entire metering responsibility of a property with the exception that the landlord pays the municipal electricity account and the tenants pay the landlord directly. When we manage the electricity of a building the following services are included in our fees.

  • Finding all meters on site
  • Checking all meter accuracies
  • Proper sealing of all meters
  • Checking all meter constants
  • Ensuring correct electricity tariffs for tenants
  • Monthly meter-readings
  • Preparation of tenant electricity payment statements
  • Monthly monitoring of meters for tampering/failure etc
  • Monthly electricity reconciliation
  • Handling of all tenant electricity inquiries
  • Handling of any electricity inquiries to supply authority
  • Acting as metering consultant in the event of any metering related matters
  • Supervision of replacement of faulty metering equipment
  • Recommendations on system upgrades
  • Ensuring optimum recovery at all times

The following will be charged additionally should the necessity arise:

  • Installation of metering equipment
  • System upgrades
  • Replacement of faulty equipment
  • Any capital expenditure that may be required