About Us

Company’s Establishment

VitalPro cc started in 1997 with the marketing of electronic remote electricity metering and measurement equipment. During the course of the same year it became apparent that large under-recoveries exists in some commercial buildings and hence the need exists for expertise in the field of metering equipment and electricity tariffs in commercial properties. Landlords frustrated with large under-recoveries may try a fully automated electronic sub-metering system as a last resort to resolve the under-recovery problem while others try to eliminate under-recovery by outsourcing the entire metering portfolio. Other landlords acquire the assistance of an investigation contractor who sorts out the property only to find that it gradually returns to shambles once the investigation contractor leaves the site. We at VitalPro realize that landlords are in need of a supplier of comprehensive metering expertise who can ensure optimum electricity recovery at all times.

Legal Name and Trade Name

The legal and trade name is VitalPro cc. The company number is CK97/44287/23

Past & Current contracts

Our largest customer is City Property Administration. The contact person is Ms. Alida Geldenhuys at tel 012-3268811. Currently VitalPro is managing electricity metering of 31 properties on behalf of City Property and 11 properties on behalf of various other Property Groups. Our portfolio includes properties such as:

  • Brooklyn Mall
  • Killarney Mall
  • Montana Crossing
  • Nedbank Plaza
  • Silway Centre (Eastway Centre)
  • Woodmead Value Mart
  • & Many more…

Company Strategic Objectives

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive metering service to our clients to ensure optimum electricity recovery and excellent customer care.